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South Africa January 2020:


After a very hot and dry summer thus far we finally have had some beautiful rain in the first week of January. A total of 40mm of rain fell at Waterfall. The rain was widespread across the Eastern Cape and while not drought breaking its has bought much relief to many communities. Lets hope for much more going forward.


We all hope you had a good Christmas. We were up in Zimbabwe on Stokestown. Marilyn and Natalie out did themeselves once again and organised a fantastic "picnic" Christmas lunch for the Rosenfels family in the Stokestown garden. There was close to a 100 family, friends and neighbours in attendance. It was good to catch up with so many people we hadnt seen in a while.  


All the best for 2020 and Happy huntiing!!


All the best

Kevin and Natalie and the Western Safaris South Africa Team



Mozambique January 2016:


2015 was a good year for Western Safaris in terms of big game taken with our heaviest tusker for some years at 60 lbs being taken in July as well as a fantastic lion taken on the third day of safari in November. Unfortunatly our plainsgame was not as succesful for while some outstanding trophies were taken we did not have a lot of clients this year. Hopefully we will see an increase in client numbers in 2016 and some fantastic trophys taken.


The big story of 2015, other than the very good lion and elephant, was we were finally given the go ahead to carry out a trial buffalo capture of 50 animals from the Morramue Special Buffalo Reserve in the Zambesi Delta. The capture unfortunatly due to the difficulty of securing permits from the relevant authorities only was able to go ahead in mid November when it was very hot and not ideal. To the credit of all involved though especially the capture team, Alan York and Tony Rosenfels. The capture was a resounding success with only a few minor hickups and all 50 buffalo arrived safely in coutada 9 to undergo quarantine and blood testing. The buffalo spent 6 weeks in quarentine as results from the test where delayed in being released and unfortunatly two of the youngest buffalo died in the bomas. However all tests were negative for TB and Brucelosis and it was much joy the herd had been released into their larger padock for further acclimatisation to the coutada. Permission has now been granted by veterinary they we may go ahead with captureing 250 animals a year over the next 4 years to get the coutadas buffalo population viable. Amaizing news for everyone and huge thankyou to everyone who has helped to get us this far. Now we just got to get some funding in to help pay for this massive operation.


2015 was a hard year on the animals with very poor rains falling on Western's section of the coutada and the dams certainly came into their own with natural water soures drying up very early in the year. Unfortunatly the concentrated game populations made poaching easy and our scouts had a very busy year chasing up poachers and trying their best to keep the game pathes into the dams clear of traps. This season looks to be another dry one but luckily for a good wet spell in mid December the dams are all full once again and now we just hope for later top of rainfall. Again the running of these anti-poaching units is expensive and funding to get more guys on the ground would go along way in protecting this fantastic area. The game is improving greatly and now with the buffalo here we can only hope for a brighter future for Coutada 9, Western Safaris and their clients.

Looking forward to seeing you in Mozambique.

Your in hunting

The Western Safaris Team

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