Founded in 1979, Western Safaris Zimbabwe is the origin of our organisation. The company is still run by the founder member and owner, John Rosenfels and his wife Marilyn. The principle professional hunters are his sons James and Edward. James' wife Vikki runs the logistics of the company from Bulawayo. Western Safaris' base is on the family ranch in the Marula District. The camp is one hour from Bulawayo and the nearest airport.


The Marula hunting area is well known for its leopard population, which is one of the highest densities in the World. Several high ranking specimens having been taken in the area. There is a good selection of plains game species here too including sable, eland, kudu and warthog.


Western Safaris hunted for many years in the Chewore hunting concession. Unfortunately we no longer have the lease on this area. However our vast hunting experience in Zimbabwe has built up a network of contacts which enables us to still offer big game safaris on a smaller scale. We have access to a number of quality big game areas including concessions in the Zambezi River, Matetsi and in the Lowveld. We can customise your big game safari depending on your requirements and desired species. Our experience and expertise means that you will have a memorable safari.